human stork tangled tracks

Human storks tangled tracks

The project develops cross species practices which aim to destabilize the anthropocentric idea of exclusive human subjectivity in the discipline of satellite-based animal tracking. The parametrical travelling with a migrating stork for the duration of one cycle of migration is the main part of my artistic practice. Both bird and human are equipped with a RDF-transmitter[1] and connected via telemetrical signals. The destination and the route between Westafrica and Europe are determinded by the avian participant. On the basis of being on the move together potential forms of intersubjectivity[2] between nonhumans and humans are being located. My tracks of being in the world are becoming temporarily distorted by avian flight ways. For the stork my performative presence incorporates a human willingness to listen to his/her articulations. With this in mind, following their flight ways means to propose and receive new identities. Through this sometimes productive, sometimes destructive mutual contamination subversive figures of “anthropo-zoo-genesis“[3] may come into being.

[1] A Radio Direction Finding Transmitter can measure via satellite the direction from which a received signal was transmitted.

[2] Despret, Vinciane: The Becoming of Subjectivity in Animal Worlds, Article in Subjectivity, Palgrave Macmillan Ltd, 2008, p. 135

[3] C.f. Despret, Vinciane: The Body We Care For: Figures of Anthropo-zoo-genesis, Article in Body & Society, SAGE Publications, London, Thousand Oaks and New Delhi, 2004