72h blackscreen


A room in a church tower, darkness, 72h,
black paper, white acrylic pen


To be in the black screen, to be between images. I remember the image seen before and imagine the one which is following. 72h black screen is based on an experiment with artificial darkness in a room of a church tower. About 72 hours I interrupt the primate of my visual perception and draw the imagined surrounding on the walls of the totally darkened room. Artificial darkness functions as a way of storytelling, as an instrument to stage visibilities. Instead of reproducing the in perspective constructed space of a town, I produce an unordered elevation of my urbane memoires. The intended renunciation of my sense of vision creates a multiperspective townscape full of gaps, which refuses itself of being objectified. By converging, diverging and covering, the white lines of the drawing do not show an integrated perspective, neither a vanishing point nor any kind of hierarchy.